In the last couple of weeks I’ve caught myself (aha!) internally arguing one point or another regarding things that bother me. Realized this was my brain’s way of looking for a topic to address here, which is one of things that really bother me about media in general and ‘news’ in specific, this tendency to focus on the negatives. They are, after all, more newsworthy. …┬áNot really, but that’s the rationale behind it anyway. Having noted my own leanings in that direction, I have a better understanding of this trend. Still don’t like it.

Not enjoying how I feel when I’m forming arguments in my head, I’m gonna go ahead and talk about what’s good in my life. Or, put it this way, I’m not gonna talk about what’s ‘wrong’ with the world.

How ’bout I explain ‘pluralone’ for starters? I’ve used this name in various online communities, most of them centered on spirituality; it denotes *my concept of self — that I am more than just this mind and body and therefore one who is made of many layers: Plural one.

*As my spirituality will be the dominant theme of this blog I’d like to say up front that what I have found to be true in terms of spiritual reality may not be (certainly is not) true for everyone. I won’t even attempt to define spiritual reality for anyone other than myself; I’m just sharing my own experiences and the conclusions I’ve drawn from them.

That said, after those aforementioned ‘nightmare’ years (see my first post) I was utterly disconnected, mentally and emotionally removed from life in general, including my own thoughts, feelings and spirituality. Re-connection had been slow going until fairly recently. So here’s the good news: I’m back in touch with me, more so than before all that crud happened. I’m delightedly surprised; thought it’d take a lot more time and effort than it has.

The thing is, all that horrible stuff served me well in the long run; the experience was painful (major understatement) but … *sigh* it may sound trite but I learned a lot about myself and my spiritual reality even while I was disconnected from both. Go figure, huh?

And that’s all I’ll say today, except: In these weeks since my initial post here I’d been thinking that this was the wrong time of year to be starting something new. That’s not right, though. I can be pretty flaky at the best of times. I’d love to write on a weekly basis but I think that’s not a realistic goal. Right now suffice it to say I’ll write when I can.