And now for something completely different…

If you live in the US and watch the evening news: That was me being carted away from my home in a raft when the Nisqually river flooded.

We were very fortunate; the water came up from underneath the duplex just enough to wet the back corner rugs – bedroom, closets, hall – but not enough to destroy anything significant. The garage was hit the worst and we lost quite a bit out of there but more on that later.

I say we were fortunate because a whole lot of folks around here lost everything. The unit next door to ours – the other end of the duplex – was hit so badly that they had to tear out and replace the floors. We spent one night away from home; the guy next door was away for several weeks.

Funny thing about what we lost from the garage: I had piles of boxes full of stuff sitting out there waiting to be unpacked and sorted through. My goal (for the last couple of years!) has been to ‘de-junk’ and organize out there, but every time I entered the garage I was just so overwhelmed … hadn’t made much progress on that goal.

Over the past year or so I’d had a series of dreams in which our home was destroyed by fire, and the first thing I thought in every one of those dreams was, Oh good; now I don’t have to sort through all that stuff. 

Guess what I was thinking when we were clearing out all that stuff from the garage.


Bonus: After losing so much not only do I have the room to sort through and organize what’s left, it’s also going to be a lot easier to let go of the things I no longer need. It’s definitely cured me of my ‘hoarder’ tendencies. This is a good thing.

So. The meditation series is still on my ‘to do’ list, but as my ability to attend to that list hasn’t changed, it might take a while. We’ll see how long ‘a while’ is, huh?

Didn’t mention here that there was also a very large, critical event in my life in January. Won’t go into specifics but suffice it to say, here’s hoping the year’s crises are over and done with. Can’t expect smooth sailing of course but good grief I hope we’ve gotten the big stuff out of the way.